Hydrocone TC-4000

Hydrocone TC-4000

Hydrocone TC4000 Crusher comprise of 2 concave (crusher parts) and hydraulic parts. Generally, this crusher lies in broken line after mandibular crusher as a secondary crusher and it divides into 2 main groups, micro and macro crusher. Crusher compartment of this system consists of a moveable and immovable part (Mantle and Concave) and input load crushes as a result of mantle arm rotation and power cylinder pressure. Delivered pressure on materials is adjustable with power cylinder pressure.

Hydrocone 36-inch Crusher is the advanced model of Hydrocodone TC4000 Crusher has advantages as the following: 1. TC3000 is nearly equal in weight of Hydrocodone 36 inch Crusher but it produces more products, at least 50%. 2. Because of concave and mantle form of the system, system product is as cubic and it has blank rings per cent lower than Hydrocodone 36 inch Crusher. 1. System care and control are simple and changing system internal pieces is done easily such as bushes and ball bearing due to design change. 1.Easy adjustment of gear looseness rate by rotation of housing endless to open parts of the system. 2. This crusher can crush internal stones in 6 different sizes only to one top shell and changing concave and it’s behind ring.

Crusher size

Biggest diameter of moveable crusher (mantle) is about 900 millimeter and it represents crusher size.

Lubrication system

Crusher lubrication system consists of: lubricant saving tank about 30-liter volumes, lubricant filtration system (filter), lubricant heater system (heater), lubricant pump.


It is metal cylinder is installed in the upper of top shell for saving input load and prevention rise and fall of load.


The powerful engine of 132 kW.