Custom solutions with standard parts to efficiently move your material are available in five widths, different styles and almost any length.

TeknoCrusher’s Stationary Conveyors are found everywhere from a large stone operation to a small stationary wash plant. These units are custom designed and built to fit seamlessly into your plant. TeknoCrusher’s range of belt conveyors is designed and manufactured to fully take into account today’s production and safety requirements.

All component parts of our conveyors range are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Full assembly and adjustment of the head and base elements is carried out in the factory to ensure perfect operation from the start-up.Components the device shown in the pictures:


Rollers of conveyor belts are designed and manufactured entirely in the TeknoCrusher company.


SN2 and SN3 gearboxes and transmissions utilizing the existing market.


chassis welded by skilled and experienced welder Conveyor Industrial TeknoCrusher made in various lengths and can be prepared.